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Welcome to Ei-Tac-Toe

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Nurture the hearts of the youth with love and compassion.


I teach English conversation from children to adults in Katsushika Ward. Ei-tac-Toe courses are generally designed to build confidence and introduce you to English that is appropriate for your age, interests, needs, skills and individual learning abilities. To make learning English easier, interesting and fun. It provides a fun learning experience where knowledge is naturally absorbed through interactive activities. Our teachers have fun conversations to keep students interested. I will help you learn English on your own using effective and efficient teaching methods. With immersive learning, you can face the real world with confidence and prepare for a self-directed future.

Abstract Background
​Learning in a child-friendly environment
Abstract Background
Abstract Background


  • We provide high quality services in English. ​

  • We create a child-friendly and motivating environment for students to actively participate. ​

  • We will do our best to help you become familiar with the language. ​

  • We do our best to enhance your creativity.

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